About Dr. Smith

Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB

Dr. Smith is passionate about health for the whole family. He holds a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, where he was trained as a primary care physician (PCP).  He has an interest in environmental medicine, mind body medicine, biofeedback, nutrition, herbal medicine, & stress management techniques. Dr. Smith is also board certified in biofeedback and has additional training in environmental medicine & pediatric populations. He utilizes a Behavioral Medicine approach to help patients succeed in making lasting changes in their foundations of health, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, hydration, & stress management; recognizing that both physical & mental well-being are essential for optimal health. 

Dr. Smith received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology with Minors in both Biology & Chemistry from Northern Illinois University. Dr. Smith was on scholarship there for wrestling. After competing at the Division I level for 4 years, he has had a passion for training & coaching athletes. Dr. Smith has clinical interest in sports medicine & sports psychology, where he utilizes nutrition, nutraceuticals, mind body medicine, & biofeedback approaches to help athletes gain a competitive edge. Performance biofeedback in athletes has been well studied & is growing in popularity to help athletes compete at there highest level.  

Dr. Smith takes a common sense and patient-centered approach to health. He believes that helping people learn to manage their health independently improves their ability to recover from illness & injury. Dr. Smith educates his clients on utilizing natural ways to decrease stress and optimize their health. Despite complex health conditions, Dr. Smith finds that small simple changes over time are useful for clients to succeed in making the lasting changes they are looking for. By focusing on balancing the nervous system to encourage the body to heal naturally, he helps patients get out of their chronic fight-or-flight state.  Dr. Smith emphasizes the cultivation of psycho-physiological resiliency through training patients to move, breathe, & think in ways that restore balance, peace, & acceptance.