House Call Medicine

Dr. Smith operates a house call model of practicing naturopathic medicine. This means that Dr. Smith comes directly to your home or office to conduct visits. Dr. Smith believes that being in your home allows for a more comfortable & open setting, where you can literally feel at-home. It takes the stress out of having to get the kids in the car & sit in a waiting room for a doctor running behind. It also takes the stress out of having to be on-time & be a rush. This also allows for opportunities for Dr. Smith to look at your medications, supplements, and nutrition habits without you having to write it all out or bring a bag into the office. Dr. Smith has seen first-hand the therapeutic power of at-home care. When you allow Dr. Smith into your home, this builds & strengthens the therapeutic relationship between patient & doctor. However, if you prefer an office setting for your visits, Dr. Smith does have office hours in Plainfield.

Due to the legal nature of Illinois not recognizing the Washington State Naturopathic Medical License Dr. Smith holds to practice as a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Smith cannot technically perform a physical exam on clients. Dr. Smith also cannot technically prescribe any supplements/herbs/drugs, but only give his recommendation on how they could proceed. However, Dr. Smith does have a dispensary for clients to purchase supplements or herbs he recommends. Lastly, Dr. Smith cannot use the word "Patients" & must refer to the people he serves as "Clients". 

Vital Origins's Inc fee for service model is a cash-based practice, with fees due at time of service. We also take debit & credit cards via Square. 





Using evidence-based nutrition practices, Dr. Smith applies therapeutic diets to address a patients unique health or disease state. 



This is a safe, noninvasive therapy that uses hot & cold water externally to stimulate lymphatic & blood flow to a certain area, thus stimulating the immune system & tonifying the circulatory system. Contrast hydrotherapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, & steam inhalations are a few methods of application. 

Herbal Medicine


With knowledge of indications & interactions of over 200 herbs, Dr. Smith utilizes botanicals to support every body system. Herbs can up or down-regulate certain biochemical pathways, just like pharmaceuticals, but in a much gentler way with fewer side effects when dosed properly. 

MindBody Medicine


MindBody Medicine focuses on the dynamic relationships among the brain, mind, body, & behavior, and how they influence & effect health & disease. This approach includes such practices as biofeedback, mindfulness training, breath work, compassion training, guided imagery, meditation, progression relaxation, cognitive reframing, meditation, and therapeutic posture & movement. 



Biofeedback is a safe, noninvasive method to teach patients how to regulate the function of their mind & body, such as muscle tension, breath rate, heart rate, etc. Sensors connected to your body provide you with information in real time about how your body is functioning. With this feedback, you learn to make subtle adjustments that create new psycho-physiological states and lead to such changes as better sleep, pain reduction, blood pressure regulation, improved mood (anxiety/depression), and increased focus & concentration. 

Environmental Medicine


Also known as detoxification therapy, or cleansing; environmental medicine aims to support the body’s process of reducing the overall toxic load by up-regulating detoxification pathways and increasing excretion & elimination of toxins. It has specific application in those with toxic exposure (i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, chemicals, particulates, preservatives, etc.), chronic diseases, weight gain, skin issues, gut issues, brain fog, etc. 

Fees for Services

Naturopathic Visit - 45 Minutes

$30 Cash Fee for Service  (Due at time of Service)

Biofeedback Visit - 45 Minutes

$20 Cash Fee for Service  (Due at time of Service)